SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter


Description :

Professional SM8124 Internal Battery Resistance Impedance Meter Tester
Specification :

  • SM8124 battery internal resistance voltage meter can clearly test the battery internal resistance and voltage.
  • It can test 0.2ohm, 2ohm, 20ohm range, and internal resistance resolution can be 0.2ohm(0.0001ohm), 2ohm(0.001ohm), 20ohm(0.01ohm).
  • Voltage measurement rance  could be 0~2V,2V~20V,20~200V and also the voltage resolution can be (0~2V)1mV ,(2V~20V)10mV, (20V~200V)100mV.
  • Product’s size : 130×72×30mm
  • LCD display
  • Working environment temperature : -10°C to 40°C
  • Power by : 9V battery (Included for you)

Package included :

1 x SM8124 Battey internal resistance voltmeter tester


SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_1SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_2SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_3SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_4SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_5SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_6SM8124 Battery Internal Resistance Voltmeter_7


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